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Few situations cause people as much anxiety and distress as family law problems. If you are involved in a divorce or other family law situation, I can help. I am Des Moines divorce attorney Elena Greenberg. Through my firm, Greenberg Law, I provide people in Des Moines and nearby areas of Iowa with compassionate but aggressive representation for all aspects of divorce and other family needs.

Help With All Aspects of Divorce

When I represent you in a divorce, our first meeting will be an initial consultation in which you will fill out a family law questionnaire. This is a complimentary service. I will assist you at each stage of the divorce, including filing a petition in the district court in your jurisdiction. Some counties require mediation as part of a filing; I will assist you if mediation is required. I will also guide you through the filing of required documents.

As your divorce process continues, I will help you negotiate an agreement regarding child support, custody and visitation, alimony, property division and financial issues. If you and the other party are able to come to an agreement, we will file a stipulated decree for a judge’s signature. If you and the other party cannot agree on the terms of your divorce, we will appear at a court hearing.

Polk County Child Custody Attorney
and Child in Need of Assistance Lawyer

In addition to divorce, I represent clients who need assistance establishing or modifying child custody and child support. To ensure that child support obligations are set appropriately I can help you present the most accurate picture of your financial status during a motion to establish child support or modify a child support order.


I provide knowledgeable representation for child in need of assistance (CINA) cases. If a report has been filed with the Department of Human Services regarding abuse or neglect of your child, you may become involved in a long, difficult process. I understand these cases and can protect your rights while working for the best outcome for your child. For more information on CINA cases, click here.


I offer assistance with many other family law needs, including
adoption, paternity disestablishment and contempt of court proceedings.

To schedule your free initial consultation for any family law matter,
call me at 515-635-5298 or contact me online.

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